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Investor Protection Program

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  • Portfolio Statistics
    Details on each of our portfolios including recent performance figures.
  • Hedged Momentum Portfolio
    Hedged investments in momentum stocks with a goal of $1,000 to $4,000 return in less than 60 days.
  • Sector Leaders Portfolio
    Sector leading stocks with a goal of 10% return in less than 60 days.
  • Hedged International Holdings Portfolio
    Hedged investments in companies with significant operations and/or revenue sources outside the United States with a goal of $1,000 to $4,000 return in less than 60 days.
  • REIT Winners Portfolio
    Leading REIT stocks with a goal of 5% return in less than 60 days.
  • Killer Portfolio
    A Portfolio filled with stocks from companies that have products or services that could kill you.
  • Medium to Large Portfolio
    A Portfolio with companies that could experience growth associated with moving from a mid to large-cap designation.
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Market Intelligence Center

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  • MIC Features
    How the Market Intelligence Center helps you invest smarter with unique information that gives you an edge in the market?
  • MIC Recent Findings
    The specific dates, details, and vital information to show how our Market Intelligence Center is a must-have for investors.

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Wall Street Secrets Plus Subscriber Benefits

MarketKeyhole Analyst Research & Investment Ideas

You receive short summaries of important market information from various news sources, traders, experts, and analysts along with stock purchase ideas. This is updated throughout the trading day to provide the information, insights, and stock purchase ideas you need to stay ahead of the pack. MarketKeyhole strives to give you an edge on the market with timely precise research and investment ideas. Delivered right to your computer display.

Market Intelligence Center

Our one stop information source for all the information you might need, filtered and displayed in easy to read and access way. No more clicking through dozens of pages to get to the information you want—everything is just a few clicks away. With a highly interactive and easy to use interface you can access a vast amount of the latest news and stock information with just a few clicks. The structure of the MIC is designed to filter the latest news into several easy to access and easy to find locations. No more digging through dozens of pages and links to get what you need. Just enter the stock symbol and you can find:

  • Breaking News: Not quite as it happens but pretty soon after that.
  • Stock Charts: All the major numbers, charts, and information you'll need.
  • Earnings Reports: When they will happen and for what amount
  • Company Profile - What does this company do anyway?
  • Broker Ratings: The latest upgrades and downgrades
  • Long-term news: News of long term issues to consider about the stocks in your investment portfolio
  • Latest Stock Alerts: Hot information on recent moves and events related to your favorite stocks
  • Opinion Indicators: Find out what the technical charts are indicating and whether you should stay or go.
  • Insiders Report: Has the company CEO been dumping the stock?

You might be able to find these elsewhere on the internet but we've brought them together in one place so you can get the quick answers you need right now. Why waste time surfing when it's all in one place.

The Lookout

Every Tuesday and Friday we send out the Wall Street Secrets Plus Newsletter, The Lookout. Filled with great tips and vital information such as stocks to watch, news, and commentary from industry experts. Don't be left behind sign up today and these valuable reports will be sent directly to you every week. You'll also receive additional email alerts regarding information we think you need to know as we find it.

Our Money Back Guarantee

If you are not happy with your LevelTWO access during any month you will receive a full refund of the current month's subscription fee. See the Money Back Guarantee for details.

Email Customer Support

If you ever have any questions, feel free to contact us at With LevelTWO access we will make every effort to respond to you within one hour. But no guarantees if you send an email at 1:00 AM. We do sleep a few hours now and then, even if it is under our desks. Furthermore, if you think there is something we should provide but don't, call us with your suggestions. We are always looking to improve and expand the services we provide you.


During your first month of LevelTWO Investors Service you will receive occasional TipSheets via email that discusses money making tips and strategies and how toimplement those ideas through the resources, information, and data provided by WallStreetSecretsPlus.

Investment Education Resource Links

Links to top level information about the market and investing to answer all those basic questions you might have. Also you can find information regarding advanced investing techniques that covers how the big boys move.

Monthly Premium Reports

Every month LevelTWO Subscribers will receive one of our premium reports for free. Filled with insightful research into a particular money making strategy. These articles may cost up to $35 for non-subscribers. Remember, we don't send these reports out for the world to see, rather they are for our LevelTWO subscribers and they are full of valuable insights, investment strategies, or other personal finance subjects. Each of these articles is designed to either save you money or make you money.

Book Store Discounts and Other Special Offers

The Wall Street Secrets Plus Bookstore is at your service with the latest and best investing books to help you build your personal library. We also provide those books that are timeless and have stood the test of time, what we believe are the classics of investing books. We always strive to offer the best prices possible to save you money.

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The first month is only $1! After that the monthly cost is only $49.95 per month. You don't really need that used DVD copy of “Gigli” do you? Why not get something more useful that can help keep you out of your own flop. Remember, every month you get the access our premium articles, and content, and our Market Intelligence Center.