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Killer Portfolio Signup

Our Killer Portfolio is totally non-politically correct. If you are one of those people who might be easily offended, you should probably just stop reading now. But if you are one of those people who doesn't mind the possibility of making a few extra dollars, then you at the right place.

The Killer Portfolio will buy (and sell short) stock of companies involved in products and services that could kill people. Hold on before you dash off that hate email to Hear us out first...

These Killer companies are the ones that make money off fast cars, gambling, alcohol, weapons, chemicals, video games, cigarettes, and even fast food just to name a few.

This portfolio will find the best of these "bad" companies and buy the stocks on the strong ones, while shorting the weak ones.

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If you have never been a $1 Subscriber, Click Here to sign-up for the $1 Offer. You will receive this portfolio FREE as part of our Regular Monthly Service. (Only one $1 deal per household)

The Killer Portfolio service points out a series of stock trades every month which based on our research, analysis and information sources will move either up or down. Our goal is to hold the stocks for 60 days or less and make at least 5% profit.

When the trades are entered, a buy (or sell) price is provided along with trailing stops to automatically exit the trade when a profit objective is reached or when the stock has moved against us. With this method potential losses will be limited but profits may also be limited. Because we use both stock purchases and short sales, these trades are designed to generate profits in an up, down, or flat market.

This service uses one page for each month with trades dated along with a short discussion of why the trade was chosen. A table summarizes the trades and the total profit for the month.

These are stock trades and there is risk involved so be sure to see the disclaimer below.

So.. If your are not offended by playing these types of stocks, this may be the portfolio for you. If you are offended, we are truly sorry. Everyone told us we might offend somebody with this portfolio and I guess you were that person. But.. Please don't drive by our office and pitch a super sized order of fast food fries at our windows... Unless you throw a Diet Vanilla Coke, too.

And it's guaranteed! Click Here for more information on our Money Back Guarantee.

Relative Risk (1-10 -> 1= Highest risk): 7
Capital Requirements: $5,000 to $50,000
Number of Trades Per Month: 3 to 6
Recent Holdings: New Portfolio
Target Holdings Period: Less Than 60 Days
Target Return: 5%
Target Maximum Loss limit: 5%