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Chris Lahiji
Chris Lahiji
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American International Industries (AMIN) holds investments in oil wells, real estate, and various industrial manufacturers. Its subsidiaries include well servicing contractor Delta Seaboard Well Service, as well as Northeastern Plastics and International American Technologies -- which has a majority stake in Hammonds Technical Services. International Diversified Corporation (a firm connected with the brother of president and CEO Daniel Dror) owns 37% of the firm.


1) 287 ACRES OF WATERFRONT PROPERTY OWNED IN GALVESTON, TEXAS THAT THEY ARE SELLING FOR $16,330,000. Already there are several interested buyers of national acclaim

2) They own 100% of Northeastern Plastics. NPI is a supplier of products to retailers and wholesalers in the automotive after-market and in the consumer durable electrical products markets. NPI's products in the automotive after-market include a variety of booster cables sold under the brand names "Mechanix Choice" and "Bitty Booster Cable." Also marketed under the brand name "Mechanix Choice" are portable hand lamps, cord sets, a variety of battery testers, battery repair kits and miscellaneous battery accessories.

From the most recent 10-Q dated May 13th, 2005, NPI acquired the rights to market certain of its products under the name MOTOR TREND" and we believe that with the recent MOTOR TREND" marketing agreement, NPI's revenues should increase substantially during the remainder of fiscal 2005. NPI recently was granted the license to use the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval" on certain of its electrical products and believes that this license shall also improve its revenues during the 2005 fiscal year.

3) They own 51% of the common stock of Delta Seaboard Well Service. Delta's well site services segment provides a broad range of products and services that are used by oil companies and independent oil and natural gas companies operating in South and East Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama. Delta's services include work-over services, plugging and abandonment, and well completion and re-completion services. Delta was founded in 1958 and has its headquarters in Houston.

In the first quarter, Deltas revenue went from $2,119,109 to $2,768,943 or an increase of 30.8%

4) International American Technologies (Pink Sheets: IMTG)
IMTG is a public entity traded on the Pink Sheets that AMIN owns 82.7% of the common stock. On February 28, 2005, IMTG entered into an agreement to acquire 51% of Hammonds Technical Services, Inc. The agreement was closed in April 2005. Hammonds is in the business of water treatment, fuel handling equipment for military and industrial customers, a provider of fuel injection services for the aviation industry, and designer of a new omni directional vehicle for a wide variety of uses.

Hammonds, is currently projecting 2005 revenues to be from $7 million to $9 million and be profitable during the next twelve months.

5) Brenham Oil & Gas
Brenham's asset is an oil, gas and mineral royalty interest located in Washington County, Texas. The royalty interest is leased by Anadarko Petroleum Corporation for a term continuing until the covered minerals are no longer produced in paying quantities. Royalties on the covered minerals produced are paid to Brenham for oil and other liquid hydrocarbons, in which the royalty is one-sixth of such production, and for gas (including casing head gas), in which the royalty is one-sixth of the net proceeds realized by Anadarko on the sale thereof. In addition, Brenham is entitled to shut-in royalties of $1 per acre of land for every 90-day period within which one or more of the wells on the leased premises, or lands pooled therewith, are capable of producing in paying quantities.

AMIN owns 100% of the common stock of Brenham

6) The company expects to eventually realize the original amount of $4,500,000 from the sale of Orion (ONH) shares, which is the original conversion value of the preferred shares (owned by the company) before the preferred shares were converted into 875,000 common shares of Orion." Since March 31, 2005 the market price of the Orion shares increased in value.

UPDATE: The property they have in Galveston, Texas got two offers. One for $15,000,000

They are deciding in the next couple of days on whether they want to take one of the offers on the table or not.

Given the property, current five million in cash, $800,000 stake in ONH, and three very profitable subsidiaries, two in the oil segment, stock is worth closer to $13 dollars a share.

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